R. Kelly’s sex tape entertains twelve unlucky Illinois residents

    The R. Kelly trial opened up for testimony yesterday, and in a bid to gross out the jury, the prosecution played R. Kelly’s alleged sex tape in front of the court.

    The 27-minute video shows a man who the prosecution claims is Kelly, urinating on, and having sex with, a girl who may have been as young as 13 when the video was made.


    Kelly’s attorneys claim it wasn’t him on the tape, and the girl the state claims is on the tape says it wasn’t her. Kelly’s attorney also claims that the video is possibly fake, lending credence to the Chappelle’s Show skit in which Dave claims “that piss could be digital.”


    The trial continues today, with no estimation on how long it will take. The charges were initially brought against Kelly way back in 2002, and the video is from 2000. [Billboard]