R. Kelly Plans More ‘Trapped in the Closet’, Talks Yodeling


    R. Kelly’s Untitled hasn’t exactly been winning many critical plaudits, so he’s made a sensible move and returned to his Trapped in the Closet series. It’s been three years since Kelly was last in the closet (so to speak), but he’s released this video (above) to announce that he’s finished 15 more chapters, but first he needs to know “whether this is what you guys want from me?”


    Screams of “yes please, we’d rather have that than more mediocre R&B albums” can be heard across the land, and should spur Kelly into action. It’s not yet clear how and when these new chapters will be released, but hopefully it will be in a higher quality format than Twitvid, which Kelly seems to love—just check out his tutorial on how to yodel below.


    “[I’m trying to] take my music some place else, and [I’m] respecting people [who] yodel,” he said. Yodelers everywhere are no doubt beaming with pride at this news, but just don’t get the yodeling confused with the echo that appears on his latest single (called, appropriately enough, “Echo”). Kelly posted a stern retort to one fan who could not hear the echo in “Echo,” proving that he is still as lovably eccentric as ever, and very, very serious about both echo and yodeling.



    [via The Guardian]