R. Kelly Is Illiterate? (Video)


    At the Midwest Music Network’s Funeral for “Hate” in September, during a speech about struggling in the music industry, R. Kelly talked about his own, long climb to prominence in the music industry, and, it sounds like, admitted that he can’t read.


    Look, I don’t even read really, and I’m not even afraid to say that. My cousins and brothers used to tease me, ‘you can’t even read, how you think you gon’ come up? You know what I’m saying, the only reason I graduated from Grammar school is because I got a good jump shot.

    I, for one, refuse to believe that the wordsmith who brought us “Sex in the kitchen/ Over by the stove/ Put you on the counter/ By the butter rolls” has difficulty reading. One of his most recent songs is entitled “P.U.S.S.Y. Cry”! How can you spell if you can’t read? Though, to be fair, if R. Kelly is illiterate, that would certainly be the one word that he could spell with no problem.