R. Kelly Belonged To Chicago Fight Club, Says Fat Joe

    This is one of those stories that seem fake but you soooo want to believe: According to dispatch of Fat Joe’s “Tales from the Darkside,” R. Kelly belongs to an underground fight club in Chicago. An underground fight club that he hit up with Fat Joe, and in which R. Kelly is a “murderer.” Seriously. This is basically the story of the year if it’s true, and Fat Joe broke it.

    Video of Fat Joe telling the story is below, and it is incredible. Apparently R. Kelly has tapes of him beating people up? That he shows Fat Joe? I wish I could be R. Kelly’s best friend, because it seems like everything he does is awesome/crazy.

    The funniest part about this? The fact that this video was made to promote an album in 2010, and no one noticed it until now. [AV Club