Quote of the day: Silversun put-down

    Maybe I connected to this quote because it somewhat validates me giving the Silversun Pickups’ album a sub-par review back when it came out, when a lot of other people seemed to like it. But no, upon reading it again, it is pretty laugh-out-loud funny. Here’s Fluxblog‘s Matthew Perpetua describing the Pickups’ set at last weekend’s Plug Awards (Prefix got robbed by the way–worst snubbing since Manilow beat out Colbert): “The Silversun Pickups were so bad that I wanted to slap some sense into everyone I saw in the audience who was visibly enjoying their set. I’d only skimmed over their music before, listening to enough to know that I had no interest in writing about them, but seeing them live shifted my apathy to outright disdain. Basically, the Silversun Pickups sound like the Afghan Whigs if Greg Dulli had somehow lost his genitals in a horrible accident when he was eight years old.”