Quincy Jones III Claims He Didn’t Steal Lil Wayne’s Music

    In the ongoing saga that is Quincy Jones III vs. Lil Wayne, the two have completely fallen out with each other. At issue is Jones’ 2009 documentary Tha Carter, which Weezy thought was too scandalous and subsequently didn’t give clearance for his music. And then there was last month’s hilarious deposition video in which Weezy did everything short of stifling a yawn to show his dissatisfaction with the case.

    Now Jones–the son of the famed producer–claims he didn’t steal Wayne’s music for the doc; he just used “Lollipop,” “A Milli,” and “Don’t Get It” under the “fair use” doctrine to tell his story. Jones has filed his own paperwork to get Weezy’s suit thrown out of court.

    All of this comes to something of a head today when a hearing is scheduled to decide if Jones breached his contract with the rap superstar. [TMZ]