Questlove Involved in NBC Black History Month Controversy


    Questlove almost pulled a Lily Allen/Trent Reznor/Cortney Love move yesterday (Feb. 4) by threatening to take a break from Twitter. His silence only lasted a couple of hours, which is good news for his 1,288,079 followers, although the incident that prompted Questlove’s anxiety has since hit the headlines.


    An NBC employee and the Roots’ drummer both took cell phone pictures in the NBC canteen and put them up on the web, which detailed the menu the corporation was offering to celebrate Black History Month. The inclusion of fried chicken at the top of the list caused accusations of stereotyping and racism to fly, and it was promptly removed and replaced with a grilled chicken-based dish.


    Questlove’s cell phone snap of the original menu prompted a quick tweet response from someone at NBC, who said: “The sign in the NBCU cafeteria has been removed. We apologize for anyone who was offended by it.” Which just proves that everyone is on Twitter these days. To conclude this story, the chef who prepared the original menu has apologized, saying: “It’s not trying to offend anybody and it’s not trying to suggest that that’s all that African-Americans eat. It’s just a good meal.”


    Anyone worried about Questlove’s tweeting can rest easy—he’s back in full-flow already, including this RT from last night’s guests, Hot Chip: “RT @Hot_Chip: Huge respect to @questlove and the roots, especially the chap playing the mini bongos. He is truly good at playing those.”