Quentin Tarantino Will Make A Cameo In ‘Django Unchained’

    Some of the best film directors are shameless self-promoters — or maybe they just really wanted to be actors in the first place. Alfred Hitchcock famously inserted himself into every picture he directed, even going so far as to stick his likeness onto an advertisement a character looked at in his 1944 movie Lifeboat that took place entirely on a small craft at sea. 

    Quentin Tarantino has shown a little more restraint. Though giving himself the minor role of Mr. Brown in Reservoir Dogs and getting in front of the camera as the foul-mouthed Jimmy in Pulp Fiction, the director didn’t appear in Jackie Brown or either volume of Kill Bill. He did play a bartender in Death Proof, but Tarantino was conspicuously absent from his latest feature, Inglorious Basterds

    The latest word from IndieWire is that the filmmaker has got the acting bug again. Tarantino has confirmed that he’ll have a minor role in the upcoming Django Unchained, which will debut on Christmas this year. It stars Jamie Foxx, Christopher Waltz, Kerry Washington and plenty of other familiar faces from previous Tarantino flicks. Check out the trailer below and try to picture him in a cowboy hat and wielding a pistol, since he’ll probably cast himself as a victim of Django’s justice.