Get your makeout on for Queens of the Stone Age

    Happy Valentine’s Day, says Queens of the The Stone Age. Now let the band see you do your best makeout with your significant other.  And post it on YouTube so Josh Homme and company can watch.  C’mon, don’t be shy. Today is a day of lovin. And, hey, there’s a prize for the hottest action.


    Queens has launched a YouTube Makeout contest, where fans are encouraged to suck face to the band’s recent single "Make It Witchu."


    "We wanted to do something cool with ‘Make It Witchu,’" Homme told NME. "We wanna be part of your lovelife, either directly or indirectly. I’ll do anything to get between you and our significant other, for just a moment."  


    Full details on the contest are here, and you can pucker up here.