Quasimoto Releases New Video For “Catchin’ The Vibe”

    Serving as the animated alter ego for acclaimed hiphop producer Madlib, Quasimoto has become known for his high-pitched rhymes. Although his releases come few and far in between, he has released a music video to his Yessir Whatever single “Catchin’ The Vibe.” 

    First set out to film the video in Quasimoto’s home town Lost Gates CA, the directors were denied filming permits. However, they were also denied permits to film in Los Angeles, presumably due to embarrassment of Quasimoto’s official letter of recognition from the Los Angeles mayor and city council, who were unaware that Quasimoto was a semi-fictional, weed- smoking character obsessed with fat ass.

    Instead the directors, Tuomas Vauhkonen & Jeremias Nieminen, chose to film in Finland and Romania. Don’t miss Madlib in costume in a quick cameo. Watch the video below.