Q-Tip Talks Support Of Documentary, Doesn’t Really Clarify Anything

    Last week, Q-Tip made it clear on his Twitter that he didn’t support Michael Rapaport’s A Tribe Called Quest documentary, vaguely referencing something about how he didn’t like the direction (or something). When he was interviewed on Shade45 yesterday, he was asked about the doc, and he had these vague statements to say:

    “I’m a producer on this film; Tribe is a producer on this film,” he said. “When I speak, I’m speaking for the whole group. A lot of people think I’m speaking individually, even though I addressed it as ‘I’m not supporting’ it. In reality, as producers, there’s just different things that need to be done, edit-wise. The sentiment of the film is there. We feel like it’s 80 percent there. It’s just not there [all the way].”


    The Tribe MC said he and his groupmates have a final say over the project, per the agreement they made with Rapaport, an actor and first-time filmmaker. Although Tip wouldn’t specify the exact nature of his discomfort with the project, he said because the project is the first of its kind — “an extensive cinematic documentary about a hip-hop group” — it’s more than just a Tribe issue.


    “There’s so much riding on this,” he said. “It’s not only Tribe’s story; it’s all of ours. So we got to make sure sh– is done right.”

    So, maybe Tip will be changing the movie before it hits Sundance next month? Or maybe the movie won’t be as explosive as that now-killed trailer made it seem? Who knows? [MTV]