Q-Tip feuds with NY mag over Will Leitch article

    Will Leitch, best known to the world as the founder of Deadspin and hero of the sports blogosphere, has spend the last half year as a contributing editor to New York magazine (after which point, the number of Woody Allen references on Deadspin plummetted dramatically). He was in charge of covering the release of Q-Tip’s The Renaissance when it was released in November. While praising Q’s work with A Tribe Called Quest, Leitch lamented the fact that Q-Tip’s essentially been reduced to classic rock. While Leitch has a background in film and music criticism, he opened the article referring to the fact that Q-Tip wrote this season’s "Go NY Go" song for the Knicks, a video which now features several former or inactive New York Knicks.


    But Q-Tip didn’t take kindly to the title of an old-timer, and didn’t like the credit Leitch gave to Kanye’s success. The result: a very Kanye-like comment on the article:

    "damn mr. leitch!! why are u shitting on me and dick riding kanye. seems like its an assignment you didnt want to do so why do it? you should have done a DL4 assignment or better yet a ‘whatever happened to fallout shelters in a Mc Carthy era new york?’ piece!!! i’m good… you??? JADED!! yes this is qtip."

    He followed that up by leaving another comment saying ""oh i forgot… ASSHOLE." and sending New York mag an email to confirm that he was, in fact, the real Q-Tip. Deadspin reported that Will responded by feeling "grouchy," which is probably his humble Midwestern way of saying "annoyed at idiotic, grammatically-challenged rappers." Of course Leitch has too much experience facing verbal abuse on the web (and off) to really do anything but shrug it off. Writing from a site that gets equally idiotic comments when we post something about hip-hop (and all music in general; we like it when you register first), we’d like to remind Leitch: not every commenter can be good as Deadspin’s.


    As for Q-Tip’s Knicks song, there will always be only one "Go NY Go" in my heart: