Q-Tip diagnoses the problems of the record business, explains his career

    In an interview with Newsweek, Q-Tip talked at length about his career, and his views on the problems of the record industry, which has dicked him around for ten years as he tried over and over to put out his sophomore album (he finally released The Renaissance in 2008).


    "Their model for getting numbers is broken," Q-Tip explained. "They realize it, but they don’t have any solutions. They all seem shook. A&R departments need people who really know music. That way, they can make records that last a long time, because eventually it’s going to be about the whole catalog selling again. Especially in these hard times, people want to make sure that their dollar is going to something that’s worth something."

    Tip also spent time talking about how his career is different than other rappers.


    "My thing is not like McDonald’s, where you go in and get fast results," Q-Tip explained to Newsweek. "My thing is like a gumbo or a turkey dinner—you got to let it cook and marinate…I’m not a radio dude; I’m about the long-term. It was like that with Tribe, and it’s like that now."

    Q-Tip also revealed that he has bought the master tapes of his 2002 solo project Kamaal The Abstract and has plans to self-release the album. [HipHopDX]