Pusha T Nixes Black Friday Release Of Full-Length Debut

    The Pusha T faithful likely remember when he made an announcement this past May that he would release his solo full-length debut on Black Friday (Nov. 25). We were doubtful that such a date would hold, but hey, it wouldn’t hurt to believe a rapper once in a while, right? Wrong. Dude totally nixed the idea and admitted that he doesn’t even have a name for the album yet. Too bad. At least his EP, Fear of God 2: Let Us Pray, is still going to drop on Sept. 27. That is, of course, unless it gets delayed like everything else he has been involved with. That’s not snark, either, but merely an unfortunate truth.

    You can watch the interview in which he dispels the album release date below.

    [Bootleg Kev]