Pusha T Looks Back On Clipse’s Debut 10 Years Later

    Lord Willin’, the debut album from the Clipse, came out in 2002–long before Pusha T was a G.O.O.D. Music staple and No Malice was still regular Malice. In a sit-down with Life + Times, Push looks back on the breakthrough record and opens up about all aspects of its creation. Learn about the album artwork and how it’s been different for Pusha working with Pharrell then compared to Kanye now. Take this excerpt on Clipse’s first single:

    L+T: When you first heard “Grindin’,” did you expect it to be a staple of lunchrooms everywhere?

    I didn’t, but it was a record that I knew was gonna be way too innovative. I think it was probably the first time I rewrote a record—and a record that me and my brother honestly rewrote a couple of times—just because it was unorthodox, it was new. We were like, “Wait a minute, where does the beat start? Where’s the verse? Where’s the hook at?” It really threw us for a loop.

    For the rest of the in-depth look at Lord Willin’, head over to Life + Times. [MissInfo]