Pusha T Discusses ‘Cruel Summer,’ Solo Album

    After several delays, G.O.O.D. Music’s new LP Cruel Summer will officially debut on September 18 (aka just four days before the autumnal equinox hits and the title would have to become Cruel Fall). And in a new interview with MTV Hive‘s Phillip Mlynar, G.O.O.D. MC Pusha T spoke about the forthcoming conclusion of the Cruel Summer sessions, his long-awaited full-length solo debut, the prospects of a new Clipse album, and more. Look below for a few excerpts, and then go here for the whole shebang.

    So is Cruel Summer 100% finished?

    You know what? I’m on my way to Hawaii [where Kanye is recording] so I’m gonna get to lend an ear to it and later on today give my opinion on what I think. Maybe it may want some tweaking, or maybe I’ll love it in its entirety, but it’s in its final final final stages.

    Kanye recently said that one of the songs on your solo album sounds like “hell.” Does that mean it’s a dark sounding project?

    Um, you know, the funny thing is, the album is dark, and the album is dark in theme, but I think a lot of the darkness is camouflaged by the brightness of the music. I think Kanye means the truth of the album and the perspective of the album is just so dark and reality-based; it’s the unedited version of what a man in my position or many men out here in the street think, whether it deals with family, whether it deals with relationship, whether it deals with celebratory themes, it always ends up having a real perspective on it. It’s a little scary.

    Is it in any way a continuation of the Fear of God mixtapes?

    No, I think it’s way better than that. Fear of God mixtapes was just all me and me being a rapper’s rapper and just rapping over a soundbed. This album is a well produced body of work in which I worked with some of the best super-producers in the game.