Pusha T Deads Beef With Drake

    Whether or not you believe him, Pusha T was apparently not taking any shots at Drake on the “Don’t Fuck Wit Me” freestyle. So that means the lines about wearing sweaters, being a sophomore, working with Trey Songz, and so on were not directed at Drizzy. At least, that’s what Pusha told HipHopDX in a recent interview. He also notes that the song isn’t a diss directed at Lil Wayne or J. Cole, both of whom have also been speculated as targets of the Clipse member.

    Hmph, I’m going to just keep my mouth shut on this for now. OK, I can’t. I don’t believe it. That’s all. You can read an excerpt from the interview below and peep the entire piece at HipHopDX.

    [in regards to “Don’t Fuck Wit Me”]

    DX: And a few individuals were referenced, one of which is believed to be Drake. Would I be correct in saying that?

    Pusha T: No, you’re not.

    DX: Okay –

    Pusha T: Wait, what do you mean? You mean people are referencing them?

    DX: No, no, no. I’m saying you referenced people on the verses.

    Pusha T: Naw, I never referenced Drake. I never referenced anybody in particular on that track. Never. That’s not what happened. People have turned it into the “Drake Diss.” People have taken apart the verses and started to put the lines with rappers they think are targets or whatever, and that wasn’t the case. Like, that’s not what this is at all. So I just sit back and I watch it. But it ain’t nothing to me, man.

    DX: I completely understand that. I think the one part of the song that people latched onto when it came to the whole “Drake/Pusha T” friction was the line where you say, “The swag don’t match the sweaters.” Now, Drake has been infamous for wearing, well I wouldn’t say flamboyant, but definitely his own style of clothing. They felt that was in some way, shape or form toward Drake.

    Pusha T: And that’s crazy because the last time I seen Drake he was at the Billboard Awards and wearing some type of high fashion suit. I don’t really know Drake’s dress code like that, man.

    DX: So for the record, Drake was not referenced.

    Pusha T: Not Drake, not Drake. Not [Lil] Wayne, I heard it was Wayne, I heard it was J. Cole. Like I heard so many different people man, I’m not shootin’ man. Matter of fact, I don’t want to shoot anybody that’s making good music, okay. The few motherfuckers who ain’t making good music, I’ll shoot them. But not the ones making good music.