Pulp Reissues First Three Records

    It’s actually a bit of a britpop secret that Different Class was Pulp’s 5th studio record. Jarvis Cocker and company were kicking around Sheffield since the late ‘70s to minimal acclaim and irrelevant commercial aptitude. Then “Common People” took over the world and the rest is history. If you’re one of the many who hasn’t heard their first three albums It, Freaks, and Separations, you’re in luck, because today the band announced they’ll be reissuing all of those LPs next year. Naturally the reissues will be accompanied with some predictable goodies; alternate mixes, unreleased tracks, b-sides, and most interestingly, some John Peel session relics. The critical reception to these records has never been grand, not even under a revisionist lens, but they’ll definitely make a good history lesson. They hit shelves in February, perhaps alongside that perennially-rumored American tour? [NME]