Pukkelpop Tragedy Partially Due To Illegal Downloading, Says Insurer

    Now that the Pukkelpop tragedy is more than a month old, the insurance company that represents the festival has released their report on what happened, and it’s pretty offensive. Apparently, according to the insurance company, because the bands that often play at Pukkelpop are smaller (like Smith Westerns, who were onstage when the stage collapsed and killed four people), and their albums are illegally downloaded in greater numbers than they are purchased, the tragedy that occurred happened because people put a higher price on seeing bands live. So, basically, there were more people there than there would have been if album sales were bigger, because then people wouldn’t pay to see bands live. Seriously. This is what they are claiming: 

    “Mega Concerts have become vital for bands that barely sell records. That kind of concert on giant stages organized, overloaded with lighting and video equipment. The rain and the wind does not focus more damage than before, but when it falls, there is much more damage than before, “it states.’

    I guess their logic makes sense in some respects, but still. Blaming this on people wanting to see live bands is just the worst. [BoingBoing via The Daily Swarm]