Public Image Ltd. Will Head Back To Studio, Maybe, If They Get Some Money

    The members of Public Image Ltd. intend on heading back to the studio to record some new songs after returning from their upcoming North American tour, frontman John Lydon has announced. A collection of new material would be the first PiL album since 1992’s That What Is Not. Lydon, formerly known as Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols, told Billboard that the group has no set record company or distribution deal as of yet, though, which could throw a wrench into the plans. “The only way we can make money is the touring,” he said, “and then we can make a new album. It’s sort of like the old days of PiL, when the Pistols went kaput; I had to scrimp and scrape out of my own pocket. Not much has changed.” Oh no? Might be time for a new haircut, buddy.

    Lydon, who joins bassist Scott Firth along with previous members Lu Edmonds and Bruce Smith in PiL, seems to have been spending his hiatus preparing for a comeback by, uh, reading and watching the news: “Most of my influences have never really come from a musical act,” he said. “It tends to be things like the poetic beat of a newscast. There’s a rhythm to the way it’s laid out… Movies can do that. Shakespeare and good poetry does that, and a bloody good book does that, or just a long walk.” So we’ll see how this turns out.


    PiL begin its tour at Coachella April 16. Full dates here.


    [via Billboard]