Public Image Ltd. Reissuing Albums

    John Lydon has been busy with Public Image Ltd. in recent times, when he’s not making commercials for butter and reforming the Sex Pistols. News of a new album by the band, likely to be titled This is PiL, recently surfaced, and now Lydon is celebrating the upswing in interest by reissuing most of Public Image’s back catalog.

    The classic Metal Box won’t be among the albums resurfacing—that was already reissued back in 2009—but other lauded gems such as First Issue and Flowers of Romance will be among the titles EMI is putting out. Lydon’s 1997 solo album, Psycho’s Path, will also be getting reissued.


    Check out the full list of PiL reissues below, and a video for “This Is Not a Love Song.”

    • First Issue (aka Public Image Ltd)
    • Paris In The Spring (Live)
    • Flowers Of Romance
    • Live In Tokyo
    • This Is What You Want… This Is What You Get
    • Album (aka Compact Disc)
    • Happy
    • 9
    • The Greatest Hits So Far
    • That What Is Not
    • Psycho’s Path

    [via The Quietus]