Public Image Ltd. Premiere “Deeper Water”

    We’ve already heard “One Drop” from Public Image Ltd.’s upcoming album This Is PiL. Now, John Lydon has taken to Rolling Stone to provide a second track from the album, “Deeper Water.” The track itself comes very close to the vintage PiL sound, and Lydon himself is apparently still very close to his vintage misanthropic ways. He tells Rolling Stone:

    “It was an improv, done in one take. We made it up as we went. But there is a great deal of thought that goes in before you do that. It’s about bad influences, bad information, bad leadership. There’s ‘bristled bastards that will lead you to the shore, dash you on the rocks.’ Don’t follow the liars. It’s a very difficult thing for me to trust people.”

    You can hear the track here. This Is PiL will be released May 28 via the band’s own PiL Official Ltd label.