Public Enemy’s Chuck D On The Throne: “They Make Me Laugh Sometimes”

    It’s no real surprise that Chuck D isn’t feeling Kanye West and Jay-Z aka the Throne–after all, Public Enemy‘s recent track is called “Catch the Throne.” While speaking with U.K. publication The Times (via NME), the PE leader explained his aversion to the apparent selfishness of the Throne.

    Hip-hop celebrates those who wanna make a killing instead of a living. I like those guys, but they make me laugh sometimes because I don’t get who they’re here for, other than themselves.

    “Catch the Throne,” which you can hear below, is off Most of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear on No Stamp, which is one of two albums the legendary group will drop this year. The second, titled The Evil Empire of Everything, is slated for a fall release.