Public Enemy to be Turned into Hip-Hop Hollywood Animated Feature?

    The rumor mill is starting to churn out a hip-hop movie project that sounds outright batty. It seems that there may be a new cartoon feature based on the seminal hip-hop band Public Enemy—and one that may less cartoonish than

    Flavor of Love

    at that.


    In May, we will see a graphic novel collection based on the travails of Chuck D. Flava Fav, Terminator X and the Bomb Squad. According to multiple sources,


    is reporting that “there is a lot of interest from Hollywood” for an animated movie based on Public Enemy.


    If it’s anything close to the edginess of

    The Boondocks

    animated series, I’ll be watching, but I somehow wonder what kind of plot would circle around a film

    without Jimmy Cagney


    Public Enemy

    . All this from the band that once recorded “Burn Hollywood Burn” and wrote the

    greatest hip-hop song ever

    for a Spike Lee movie.