PSY’s Follow-Up To “Gangnam Style” Arrives, Watch “Gentleman” (Video)

    The follow-up to the PSY’s “Gangnam Style” is officially here. Titled “Gentleman,” the music video has a lot of catching up to do to the 1.5 billion views that its predecessor has accumulated in less than a year. We heard the stream and its new hook “matha father gentleman” and familiar electro beats. The song made its debut last week and was performed live for the first time by PSY at his “Happening” concert. But what made it an instant hit was its hilarious music video and comical social commentary about the social culture in the city of “Gangnam.” Well, the music video for “Gentleman” also arrived and let’s sees if it can cause the same kind of mass hysteria.

    Following the similar formula of wacky, strange, funny, and weird – the new music contains a lot of things familiar. From PSY meandering around doing the silliest of un-Gentleman-like and with the new “butt dance,” there was definitely a focus on trying to recapture what “Gangnam Style” did. The music video also includes members from the South Korean television show ‘Infinity Challenge’ as well as Ga-In from female K-pop group Brown Eyed Girls.

    Does the new song and dance live up to its hype? Watch below: