PSY “Tweaking” New Single, Will K-Pop Movement Be On Hold?

    Billboard reported that PSY’s next single titled “Assarabia” or “Assaravia” in English will be going under the knife to get some tweaking. Although in the Korean language, it’s a slang that describes a thrill – PSY expressed to South Korean reporters that he feels it may offend Arabic people. The artist may feel this way as the term also alludes to ethnicity and body parts. PSY  had already played around with the socio-econimic and culture of the Korean city of Gangnam, what is he  up to this time?

    Whether or not this will delay the release or at least premiere of the track is unknown. The K-pop artist has stated that he will be unveling the new track on April 13, 2013 at his “Happening” concert in Seoul at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

    In the meantime,  check out Diplo’s remix of his massive hit “Gangnam Style” which features 2 Chainz and Tyga.