PSY Thrusts Genital Dance On TMZ, Will It Beat Out “Gangnam Style?”

    PSY is everywhere. From Ellen to the MTV VMAs and now back on TMZ, the K-pop veteran has been a viral sensation for over two months now. But with “Gangnam Style” just about to hit its peak, it might be time for the horse dancing master to ready the fans with some new treats.

    Although no new music was played on the show, he did perform a new dance. It looked a little more complicated than the two-step variant aka the “horsey dance.” Harvey Levin had a difficult time just trying to get one leg up to do it.

    So we’ll see if this new “thrust your genitals out, with one leg up, one hand up by your face” dance will be able to keep the “Gangnam Style” master on top.

    PSY will also be performing in New York City for free. On Friday September 14th, he will be on the Today show. The attendance will be a first come, first serve. If you want to get a chance at personal lessons for the “horsey dance” and or the new dance, best get up early and head over to 49th and Rockefeller. 

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