PSY Signs With Justin Bieber’s Manager, Will Appear At MTV VMAs

    There you have it folks, the rumors that have started weeks ago with international K-pop sensation PSY meeting up with Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber’s manager has lead to some real interesting news. Known for his ground breaking music video for “Gangnam Style,” PSY has signed with to Schoolboy Records, Braun’s label which happens to be a part of Universal Records.

    In a report from Billboard, PSY and Braun have been “hanging” out the last few days. This eventually lead to the confirmation of PSY’s signing. In one of their conversations, they toasted while Braun states “To Psy, to Korea, to breaking down barriers, to the future.” And soon after this signing, he is now scheduled to make an appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards this Thursday, September 6, 2012.

    His music video for “Gangnam Style” has already hit over one hundred million views on YouTube. He’s tied for the most weeks on Billboard’s “K-pop 100” and has been featured on endless amounts of news and media outlets.

    Watch the conversation between PSY and Braun below: 

    PSY “Gangnam Style”