PSY Gives Dodger Stadium A “Gangnam Style” Dance Lesson

    Last week it was reported that K-pop star PSY was flying out to Los Angeles for a meeting with Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun. What else is there better to do when you’re in Los Angeles? Hit up a Dodgers baseball game. Prior to attending the Dodgers game, PSY tweeted: “Bringing #GANGNAM STYLE to the @Dodgers – Giants game this evening!”

    And that he did. Last night’s Dodgers vs. Giants baseball game saw the “Gangnam Style” master perform his beloved “horse dance” in front of 43,000 people. In the 5th inning the song was played over the stadium speakers. Once the camera panned over to PSY he gave the fans a quick wave and without hesitation gave a demonstration of the dance. The crowed cheered him along and some even joined in. 

    This just may be the beginning of the “Gangnam Style” world.

    [All Kpop]