PSY Breaks Into U.S. Itunes Top 10 Charts With “Gangnam Style”

    So there you have it, although PSY introduced a brand new dance to TMZ that involved a move that thrusted his genitals into the air, the original “horsey dance” from “Gangnam Style” and the song itself just made it into the U.S. iTunes Top 10 Charts. 

    PSY just tweeted this not too long ago:


    He attached an image where he’s literally underneath the Justin Bieber’s track “As Long As You Love Me” (featuring Big Sean) at number nine and then above Alicia Keys’ track “Girl On Fire” (featuring Nicki Minaj” which is at number eleven. 

    Does this kind of fire keep burning long enough and even greater to have surpassed Justin Bieber? If so, Scooter Braun had pretty good timing when he signed him. At this point, how much bigger can “Gangnam Style” possibly get? Will PSY even be able to come close to topping it with the next single? 

    So while we all wait for the next single, in the case you’ve never seen the music video that now has over 150 million views on YouTube: