PSY Admits He’s Having A Tough Time Adjusting To Stardom

    When you’re hot, you’re hot, especially if you’re South Korean pop phenomenon PSY. As everyone has probably heard by now, “Gangnam Style” is an international smash with nearly 300 million YouTube views, which isn’t factoring in his guest spot on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago.

    In an interview with British newspaper The Sun (via NME), the singing sensation confesses he’s having a tough time adjusting to his time in the spotlight.

    “I’m not a responsible person,” he told the paper. “But right now everyone’s watching me like I’m a gold medalist… I’m just about to get the UK Number One, so back home everyone’s cheering me.”

    If the reaction to “Gangnam Style” is an indication of what’s to come, then the artist also known as Park Jae-Sang better get ready for more time in the spotlight.