PSY Accused By Former Friend Of Stealing “Gangnam Style”s Horse Dance?

    As PSY has grown to become an international phenomenon with “Gangnam Style,” it’s obvious that there would be back lash, many critical pieces written about it, hanger-ons and unfounded bad press. And recently, former friend of PSY Kim Jang-hoon has been hospitalized for psychological treatment. The entertainer and PSY have performed and wrote many songs together. Coincidentally, Kim has also tried to break it into the U.S. market.

    On October 2, 2012 PSY posted on his me2day (South Korea’s version of twitter):

    “I want to show everyone how well Korean people can party on stage. I learned all about concerts from Kim Jang Hoon. I’ll take what I’ve learned from Kim Jang Hoon and go overseas to show them as well.”

    On October 5, 2012 Kim Jang-hoon posted on his me2daywhile hospitalized:

    “Right now, I’m asleep and should wake up, but I can’t. I think I took too much medicine. I’m a fool who can’t stand to be betrayed by the ones I trusted. I’m sorry, please don’t curse at me. Don’t be heartbroken. I’m sorry. I’m going now.”

    Although there have been no confirmations as to what Kim’s post may be in reference to, the rumor has it that he has been psychologically stricken due to the fact that PSY just may have stolen his idea for the now worldwide famous “horsey dance.” The connection between the two messages may be vague, but it is intriguing as to what exactly is going on with the two’s relationship.

    Kim currently remains hospitalized.

    [Go Kpop]