Prophets of Rage Announce Album, Release Single “Unfuck the World” – Watch

    The band’s self-titled debut album is slated to drop on September 15.


    Rap metal supergroup Prophets of Rage have just detailed their upcoming self-titled debut album. It will hit shelves on September 15, and will be produced by Brendan O’Brian who is best known for his work with Bruce Springsteen and AC/DC. A track listing has also been revealed.

    In honor of the announcement, the six-piece have also released the first single to the LP entitled “Unfuck the World.” A video for the song was put up this morning on the Prophets of Rage YouTube channel – one which sees accomplished filmmaker Michael Moore at the helm.

    Along with the help of Tom Morello, Moore’s direction of the video expectedly follows in a political vein. It features images of President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and Counselor to the President Kellyann Conway intercut with scenes of violence, war, police brutality, and mass-commercialization. The band are also injected into the eye-opening clip, with shots of one of their live performances appearing throughout.

    Speaking about the video, Michael Moore released this statement: “I am thrilled to once again be working with my old friends and comrades in the struggle for a just world. Prophets Of Rage is the right band, saying the right shit, at this very critical moment. This music video is our collective battle cry against those who seek to harm the innocent and the powerless. I am proud to have directed this video and I ask all who see it do their part to unfuck this world. ALL HANDS ON DECK!”

    Prophets of Rage formed in 2016, consisting of members from Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill. Following their Make America Rage Again Tour in 2016, the group are currently touring around Europe, with its finish expected to culminate at the Lounder Than Life Festival in Louisville, KY on October 1.

    Prophets of Rage Track List:

    1. “Radical Eyes”
    2. “Unfuck the World”
    3. “Legalize Me”
    4. “Living on the 110”
    5. “The Counteroffensive”
    6. “Hail to the Chief”
    7. “Take Me Higher”
    8. “Strength in Numbers”
    9. “Fired a Shot”
    10. “Who Owns Who”
    11. “Hands Up”
    12. “Smashit