‘Prometheus’ And ‘Blade Runner’ May Exist In A Shared Universe

    Fan theories are fun to think about, and they often result in some excellent collaborations between filmmakers. It’s particularly neat when characters from different film franchises show up in the same pictures. For instance, the inclusion of a xenomorph skull on the set of a spaceship in Predator 2 sparked a comic book series that eventually culminated in the Alien Vs. Predator movies. 

    It’s no secret that Alien and Prometheus are connected somehow, despite what producers have said in the past year. However, another potential link has come to light, and it could have massive implications for some film franchises going forward. 

    According to /Film, a sharp Reddit user found some interesting material in the new steelbook edition of Prometheus that just came out. It details a relationship between the movie’s character Peter Weyland and the Tyrell Corporation. That company, of course, is responsible for the biological replicants Rick Deckard is tasked with hunting down in Blade Runner. Look for yourself and speculate whether or not all of these Ridley Scott film’s will one day be tied together in some kind of unifying media.