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Producers working on pre-Dead Jerry Garcia biopic

Is anyone else totally over the music biopic genre? I think it was Control that did me in—that movie climaxed not with a singer’s beating off of personal demons (pun possibly intended), but with a singer’s suicide. What can possibly top that?


Well, a pair of producers (Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa, the guys behind Hamlet 2, Little Miss Sunshine, and Election) are betting that a bunch of people will be interested in seeing a music biopic that traces Jerry Garcia’s pre-Grateful Dead life in Northern California. The film will start with Garcia’s childhood, and finish with his meeting of Phil Lesh and other Grateful Dead members.


I’m not sure what the point of the movie would be (I guess it could chronicle getting high on acid and beginning to live a life that is worthy of an ice cream flavor), but it seems like it could be a total bomb (although, it’d have to be pretty awful to be worse than Walk the Line). [Idolator]

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The Grateful Dead

and, who to cast as Jerry???

mal, MNN

just was this genre needs! woooot


Dunno, I support more attention to artists....

S?itty or not.


No. Don't do it; don't even try. Well, at least if they cut it off pre-Dead, it might have a chance.

Random West

Mr Andrew Winistorfer,
It's amazing you actually receive a paycheck. Your writing skills are that of a 4th grader. Your personal comments imply your total lack of compassion and musical knowledge.
Classifying you as a 3 time looser.

Frank D

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