Prodigy (of Mobb Deep) announces two new releases

    Back in November, the video for Prodigy’s “Mac 10 Handle” had the interweb abuzz; over the beat from DMX’s “Crime Story” (a.k.a. Edwin Starr’s “Easin’ In”), the Mobb Deep-ster spit gritty, paranoid, existentialist raps about sitting in his room “staring at candles, high on drugs,” and the accompanying video featured fittingly eerie imagery: Prodigy stabbing a chair until blood came out, dudes in various crazy masks, disorienting driving scenes, etc. People were jazzed by what they perceived as a welcome return to form.
    On March 27, we’ll finally all get to see if the excitement was worth it, as KOCH Records will release Return of the Mac, an “album” that teams Prodigy with producer and Eminem DJ The Alchemist. We’re qualifying its identity only because given the recent DJ Drama debacle, we think Return of the Mac is really what was previously known as a “mixtape.” That’s because it’ll be followed in late 2007 by H.N.I.C. 2, the proper sequel to Prodigy’s debut gold-selling solo album, 2000’s H.N.I.C.
    Semantics aside, we’re excited to see if Prodigy can deliver on the promise of a few months ago, no matter what he calls it. Here’s the rapper on his reasons for having two releases, and why he decided to sign on with KOCH:

    ””Alchemist and I put this CD [Return of the Mac] together to get people ready for my new solo album H.N.I.C. 2. I”’m ”’bout to turn it up hot with H.N.I.C. 2. I decided to ride with KOCH Records cause I got a lot of shit to do and say, and I know KOCH won’t hold me back or censor my shit plus the entire company will push the CDs to the maximum because they truly love and respect my music. We”’re all very excited about the whole thing.””

    After the jump, check out a “tentative” tracklist for Return of the Mac, as well as the videos for “Mac 10 Handle” and “New York Shit.”[more:]
    1. Intro
    2. Return of the Mac
    3. Mac 10 Handle
    4. Raining Guns and Shanks
    5. The Rotten Apple
    6. Words From Majesty
    7. Take It From The Top
    8. Intermission
    9. 7th Heaven
    10. Bang On Em
    11. Nickel and a Nail
    12. Legends
    13. Stop Fronting
    14. Stuck On You
    “Mac 10 Handle”:

    “New York Shit”: