Prince’s Estate Might Be Saving Unreleased Music for Reality TV Show

    Credit: Scott Penner / Creative Commons (

    The Prince estate is developing a reality show potentially featuring music previously unreleased by the artist, according to TMZ. The series is centered around Prince’s family members, focusing on how their lives have changed since his death last year at age 57.

    The estate has been fighting producer Ian Boxill in court over this unreleased music. Allegedly, Boxill, who engineered the album of unheard music, attempted to release the music without their permission. The album, titled Deliverance, is a six song EP that was recorded between 2006 and 2008. The family, however, wishes to save the music’s release until the debut of their reality show.

    News of the attempted release appeared in mid-April preceding the one-year anniversary of Prince’s death. The family subsequently took legal action. According to MPR News, U.S. District Court Judge Wilhelmina Wright ruled in favor of the Prince’s estate, granting a temporary restraining order preventing Boxill from further releasing unheard material. The title track, however, was released commercially prior to the ruling. Although Boxil was not present for the ruling, his attorney Tony Zeuli argued that Boxil was indeed a co-author of the music, being responsible for key elements such as the guitar, bass and drum tone as well as composing and producing backup vocals.

    The record label co-founder behind the release, David Stacey, told Rolling Stone that he was pleased with the ruling. “In a nutshell it indicated [that] everything that has been released up to the time of the judge’s ruling, late evening April 19th, can be and should be enjoyed by fans.” The restraining order issued by Judge Wright is set to expire May 3rd.

    According to TMZ, the rumored reality show has a production company on board but no deal to air yet. People in the press and music communities are beginning to speculate that there will be considerable backlash from hardcore fans regarding the show.