Prince Prices 21 Nights Set At Two Grand, Offers Two Convenient Payment Plans

    Prince went appropriately big to commemorate his 2007 residency at London’s O2 Arena, but he also understands that not many of his fans can afford the $2100 price tag for 21 Nights. To mitigate the financial sting, the Purple One is offering two easy payment plans for the set, which comes with a 280-page book, documentary, and an exclusive purple iPod Touch. The first allows fans to pay the bill interest free over the course of a year, while the second allots two years for payment at the low APR of 9.7 percent. That’s right. Prince is financing the sale of his own album. Bold as this idea is, it pales in audaciousness compared to the Number One Edition, a leather-bound collection encrusted with five rare purple diamonds and twenty-one round brilliant-cut diamonds to be auctioned off after it undertakes a metropolitan tour. [Spinner]