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Preview of Rihanna's Interview on <i>20/20</i>, Says She's Embarrassed to Have Fallen in Love with Chris Brown (Video)


Good Morning America aired an exclusive preview of Rihanna's interview on 20/20 tonight where she talks extensively about the whole Chris Brown thing, and in the clip above, she says she is embarrassed she fell in love with him and how she feels ashamed she went back to him. The whole thing is way more straight-forward, she actually addresses the event, than all the interviews Brown has done since the event. I'm curious to see if Brown tries to respond to the interview, which airs tonight on ABC. [Real Talk NY]

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Chris Brown

She answered more in her 4 mins interview than Chris Brown did in his 1 hour interview with Larry King. Chris is the Douche bag of the day.


Its obvious Chris wouldn't be as graphic and as explicit with details because he is trying to repair a damaged reputation. I beg to differ on a few points. I feel the interview was a bit forced and somewhat insincere. I feel that she was pressured to do this from corporate sponsors and her management team. Its very obvious by the answer she gives to the question: would you ever get back together with him. Love or no love, if this is a man u truly don't want to be with, your response shldnt be "I can't predict what the future holds". Its what you want. If the question was: will you be coming out with another album, the response would be yes. I don't feel she was ready to give that interview. She left the door open for herself to possibly get back with him in the future. If that's the case, why do the interview? Damage control for the present? Ah whatever, on to the next one.


well,Rihanna learn her lessons so now she know how it feel but i truely believe that Chris Brown dont truely mean what he said, he jsut said that so that others can see that he learn his lesson


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