Preview 50 Cent’s New Single “My Life,” Feat. Eminem And Adam Levine (Video Trailer)

    It’s weird when musicians release a “trailer” for a new song, right? Still, it’s a good marketing strategy, even if the musicians in question aren’t really lacking in the publicity department. When you combine three big names like 50 Cent, Adam Levine and Eminem, people will automatically consume whatever it is that they’re hyping; it’s basic Pavlovian theory, except in this case the little “bell” is a 34-second clip of 50 Cent’s new single, “My Life” (featuring Eminem and Adam Levine), off his forthcoming album Street King Immortal. Interestingly, the song itself tackles The Big Issue that most thriving artists–particularly, those with megastar gravitas, like 50 Cent or Eminem face: the price of fame and fame at what cost? (He also tells former G-Unit members The Game and Young Buck to “suck a dick.”)

    You can watch a clip of the video below (Eminem is being chased by a helicopter and Curtis is just calmly walking!). A clean radio rip of the full song can be streamed below via Hip-Hop Wired (the single will be available on iTunes Nov. 27). Street King Immortal is due in stores Feb. 2013. 50 Cent will join Levine on his hit show, The Voice, tonight (Nov. 26) to premiere “My Life.”