Press Release: IndieClick Music Network Secures Exclusive Partnership With Prefix

    Prefix is very happy to announce an exclusive partnership with IndieClick. If you’re interested in advertising on Prefix, please contact them. Here’s the official press release.





    IndieClick Music Network Secures Exclusive Partnership with PrefixMag


    LOS ANGELES, July 14 /PRNewswire/ — IndieClick, the leading lifestyle media network for integrated advertising campaigns, announced today their exclusive two year partnership with the music destination Prefix Magazine. This partnership, in addition to IndieClick’s exclusive relationships with the music powerhouse Playlist and prestigious URB magazine, grows IndieClick’s impressive music presence to reach more than 35 million music influencers and tastemakers. The IndieClick Music Channel includes more than 150 major online and premium indie destinations including 8tracks,,,, My Old Kentucky Blog,, HipsterRunoff and The Daily Swarm.


    Prefix Magazine publisher and founder Dave Park, praised the partnership. “After working with several media networks over the years, we’re very excited to begin an exclusive advertising partnership with IndieClick. They have always been up-front and attentive to our needs while consistently selling ads relevant to our readership. Over the years IndieClick has put together the most creative and effective campaigns on Prefix. We look forward to even bigger things to come in the future.”


    IndieClick President Heather Luttrell complimented Prefix on their incredible growth over the past year. “Prefix has been an IndieClick partner for many years and it’s been so exciting to see them grow their readership so substantially over the past year, with more than 1.4 million unique visitors last month, making them significantly larger than their competitors. We are honored to have them choose IndieClick as their exclusive partner.”


    PrefixMag’s Dave Park compliments IndieClick’s technology and Creative Services. “IndieClick has provided us with the most creative and advanced ad solutions. Their customized campaigns have utilized the most recent technologies and we look forward to further integrating their campaigns on Prefix.”


    “The best thing about this partnership is it gives PrefixMag direct access to our tools and technology, while allowing them to remain completely independent and grow their brand in the manner they see fit,” adds Seth Copenhaver, IndieClick’s Senior Director Publisher Care.

    Ms Luttrell says, “Publishers choose IndieClick because of our commitment to high quality advertising and the best possible match of their content with the most important brands and products relevant to their readers and audience. Our latest products, launching this fall, deliver even more exciting user experiences for both our advertisers and our audiences.”


    Executive quote

    “At IndieClick, we provide advertisers and brands with access to the most important audiences for their campaign needs,” said Heather Luttrell, IndieClick President. “Our publisher network consists of the highest-caliber, most influential properties on the Web in music, film, culture, fashion, gaming and lifestyle.”


    About IndieClick Media Group

    IndieClick Media Group’s Lifestyle Media Network enables brands and agencies to interact with influential audiences (focused on ages 17-35 with targeted reach into the 35-49) through display, video, mobile and integrated advertising across carefully selected destinations.


    IndieClick’s Music channel is complimented by their Film and Entertainment, Design and Culture, Humor, Nightlife, Fashion and Gamer Channels. With heavy hitters like TextsfromLastNight, FailBlog, I Can Haz Cheezburger, Lamebook and Passive Aggressive Notes filling out their network of more than 250 sites, the IndieClick Network has the most relevant properties for your advertising campaign.


    The privately-held, Los Angeles-based publisher rep firm represents the most relevant and popular properties in entertainment, music, art and design, humor, gossip, gaming, fashion and film, including more than 250 sites serving an audience of 50 million unique visitors in the United States using its proprietary ad network technology and industry-defining custom ad units.


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