President Obama’s DNC Speech Sets New Twitter Record Of 52,00 Tweets Pre Minute

    Last night was big for the Democratic party, and it looks like it was an evening of note for Twitter too. The social media site has made its presence known during this campaign trail and last night was its highlight so far.

    As President Barack Obama formally accepted the Democratic party’s nomination for his reelection, Twitter broke multiple records for political events. During his speech, the site saw roughly 52,000 tweets per minute, which squashed Mitt Romney’s previous record of 14,000. 

    And the president’s speech was not the only one from the Democratic National Convention that beat Romney’s numbers–former president Bill Clinton’s speech received just over 22,000 per minute and First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech received over 28,000. 

    To break down the highlights of the President’s speech from the Twitt-o-sphere, 43,646 per minute went to the quote “I’m no longer just the candidate, I’m the president,” and between 38 and 39,000 per minute when talking about Medicare. All in all, the DNC sparked over double the amount of tweets than the Republican National Convention, with a total of 9.5 million compared to the RNC’s 4 million. 

    And as the RNC purchased the sponsored topic “#areyoubetteroff,” during its soiree, the DNC bought the promoted hashtag “#Forward 2012” as a way to promote tweets to users.

    It will be interesting to see Twitter’s role in the campaign cycle as election day approaches!