President Obama Uses ‘Mean Girls’ GIF To Promote Tonight’s Debate

    Either someone handling President Barack Obama’s social media accounts is really clever, or the president himself is a huge fan of Mean Girls. Either way, the use of a GIF from the quotable Tina Fey-penned flick is pretty “fetch,” and maybe it will get some youngsters to watch tonight’s presidential debate.

    Vulture reported the amusing news that Barack Obama posted a Mean Girls GIF on his official Tumblr page today. See the GIF in question here or below. Die-hard fans of the movie might remember Cady (Lindsay Lohan) swooning when her crush Aaron asks her what day it is. She replies, “It’s October 3rd.” That just so happens to be today’s date, when the presidential debate is occurring. A Mean Girls fanatic working for President Obama was probably waiting eagerly for today to arrive once the debate’s date was announced.

    The GIF features a reminder to watch the debate, between Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney, tonight at 9 ET, adding the link to the president’s website, which will feature a livestream, live blogging and more.

    It’s not certain whether the president himself is a fan of the Plastics’ shenanigans, but he does have two young daughters who might have made him watch it.