Pre-Order Daft Punk’s Forthcoming Album ‘Random Access Memories’

    When word dropped that Daft Punk would be releasing a followup album to their cerebral soundtrack to Tron: Legacy, news circulated a plethora of music websites and excited an enclave of electronic aficionados. But no need to fret- the wait is over. Let there be a collectve sigh of relief now that Daft Punk has released the title to their highly anticiptated album. The French house duo’s album, Random Access Memories, will be out May 21 via Daft Life Limited and is available for pre-order through iTunes. 

    While the tracklist has yet to be confirmed, it features 13 tracks and their respective time lengths. Other reports have noted that Chic’s guitarist Nile Rodgers, disco producer Giorgio Moroder, and Panda Bear’s Noah Lennox will all be featured on the album. 

    Update: Last night Saturday Night Live aire the second commercial for Random Access Memories. Watch below.