Prefuse 73 Releases New Album As Piano Overlord

    Guillermo Scott Herren, a.k.a. Prefuse 73, a.k.a. Piano Overlord, is a sneaky guy. (As you can probably tell from the multiple monikers alone.) He’s been preparing a new album of old recordings, and because he chose to quietly release it as Piano Overlord, no one realized what was going on until now. Aninha Mission is a collection of unreleased material Herren recorded in Barcelona back in 2004. As you can hear from single “Aninha,” just because the music is old doesn’t mean it’s stale. This particular track is mellow and off-kilter, with live drums and plenty of glitches. It doesn’t make a difference what name Herren uses — Prefuse or Piano Overlord, he still sounds good. Listen below. [Fact Mag]