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Prefuse 73, El-P, Flying Lotus Remix Atlanta MCs

Adult Swim has brought plenty of free treats by way of mixtapes to its viewers over the years. A few years ago, the late-night goofball channel offered up a compilation (Definitive Swim) of songs from indie-rap label Definitive Jux. Then there was the dubstep/electronica-centric Ghostly Swim, which paired up Adult Swim with Ghostly International.


The latest gift from Adult Swim continues in the tradition of showcasing left-of-center musicians and producers. ATL RMX features acts like El-P and HEALTH putting new twists on tracks like Young Jeezy's "I Got You" and OJ Da Juiceman's "Good Night." The songs were all remixed using Timbaland's new game Beaterator.


Download ATL RMX by clicking here.

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