Prefuse 73 Dropping ‘The Only She Chapters’ April 25

    Guillermo Scott Herren usually switches things up by taking on a new alias (Piano Overlord) or starting up a new band (Savath y Savalas). But for his eighth album as Prefuse 73, he’s moving away from his typically glitchy, experimental hip-hop for a more composed effort without changing names. The inspiration for the record, The Only She Chapters, comes from when he rearranged his Prefuse tunes to be performed by the Polish Ausko Orchestra. Herren then began writing and enlisted a talented crew of guests to lend their vocals, including the late Trish Keenan, Zola Jesus, and Shara Worden, among others.


    You can view the track list and stream snippets of some of the album’s tracks below. The Only She Chapters drops April 25 on Warp.


    01 The Only Recollection Of Where Life Stopped
    02 The Only Valentine’s Day Failure
    03 The Only Contact She’s Willing To Give (feat. Faidherbe)
    04 The Only Chamber Resolve
    05 The Only Hand To Hold (feat. Shara Worden)
    06 The Only Thief To Steal Tonality
    07 The Only Trial Of 9000 Suns (feat. Trish Keenan)
    08 The Only Way To Find (feat. Nico Turner)
    09 The Only Test To Score
    10 The Only Boogie Down (feat. Niki Randa)
    11 The Only Direction In Concrete (feat. Zola Jesus)
    12 The Only Recollection Of How Things Change
    13 The Only Guitar To Die Alone (feat. Adron)
    14 The Only Serenidad
    15 The Only Lillies And Lilacs
    16 The Only Lillies And Lilacs Pt. 2 (feat. Faidherbe)
    17 The Only Repeat
    18 The Only Recycled Intro


    Prefuse 73 ‘The Only She Chapters’ Album Sampler by Warp Records