Prefix Premiere: Watch Sene’s “Feel” Short Film

    On April 24, Sene will release his first full-length album for Plug Research, which he joined earlier this year as the label’s sole rapper. It’s called Brooklyknight and, as you might have gathered from its title, it finds the Brooklyn native waxing on life in the New York City borough that he calls home. It’s also very much about how his life has changed over the past few years and the struggle of an artist just trying to get his music out there.

    Those topics are at the center of Sene’s newly revealed short film Feel, an eight-minute piece that dramatizes his return to New York in 2009 about fighting to feel emotion after being numb for so long. He directed the film himself with Queens-based artist Pace Rivers while Alex Ghassan and Aaronisnotcool also worked on Feel.

    Together, with some help from Andrew Thomas Reid as the psychologist, they dive into the brain of Sene. He also soundtracked the film with three tracks off Brooklyknight, which keeps sounding better each time we get a preview of it, and a tune from singer Britain Parker.

    You can watch the short film below.