Prefix Premiere: Kris Menace “Trusting Me” F. Robert Owens (Video)

    When we first featured Kris Menace it was for his single “Hide” which featured iconic electro artist Miss Kittin. Now we have been given another opportunity to feature another new single from his album Features titled “Trusting Me.” And what’s a Kris Menace track without the collaboration of another great artist? Chicago house legend Robert Owens is his partner in crime on this track and it clearly shows. The beats are heavy and full-on in this single all the while hypnotizing.

    And the music video directed by Meeto Worre Kronborg Grevsen follows around a beautiful woman walking through her warm surreal life and mysteriously carrying around her blue bird. And although the music in contrast to the video may not completely fit together, the song’s dark vibe resonates within the female character’s lonely persona as she goes on her journey. Gorgeously shot, the music video really pierces your soul.

    Kris Menace’s new album Features is now available via iTunes and or CD

    Watch the beautiful music video below:

    Or you can stream the new single here: