Prefix Premiere: Vulkan the Krusader “Phoenix’s Song” (Prod. Ash Lamothe)

    Vulkan the Krusader is all about the love.  He released his most recent project V appropriately on Valentine’s Day of this year.  On V, there was a track entitled “Letter to Claire” which acted as a love letter dedicated to Claire Boucher better known as Grimes.  That song showed a great level of emotion and venerability that most rappers are afraid of sharing in their music. It also felt like it was a departure from the conventional rap sound. “Letters to Claire” experimented with soundscapes as he utilized different ranges in his voice. 

     And now Vulkan is working on the finishing touches to his full length ambient singing EP entitled Robbie Darko.  In the first single for the project “Phoenix’s Song”, he gives off the same signature love letter structure that we found in “Letter to Claire.”  That’s not to say that it’s the same song.  Instead, we get a more bouncier vibe on this new track.  With help from production by Ash Lamothe, it feels like—if the listener were to close their eyes—they can envision two lovers running in a field of roses without a care in the world. 

     Be on the look out for the Robbie Darko EP on Tuesday, August 6th.